Play Towers

Figure 1: This 2D model shows the construction drawing we used to build a prototype playground tower in the front yard of 12875 Kings Valley Highway, which is the Sullivan family treefarm. 

Figure 2: Assembling the playhouse tower with a telehandler. 

Play Towers

We decided to build a prototype tower just for fun and to gain experience. We built it in the front yard of the Sullivan family treefarm along the Kings Valley Highway in western Oregon. 

To avoid building code and land use issues, we decided to build the prototype tower on top of cull logs that sit on gravel. That way, it can be moved like a super-size picnic table and is not a permanent building.

Because this playhouse was built without a formal engineering design, we built it from large poles held together with lots of sturdy metal connectors: straps, angle iron, 3/4" all-thread with large bridge washers, and many, many structural screws (such as HeadLok screws).

Figure 3: Grandson Even rests after putting down flooring on the playhouse tower.

We had to peel the logs in the play tower. This video shows how we peeled the logs. Technique is more important than age or physical condition.

This image carousel contains many more pictures of the play tower and its construction.