Another concept-level sketch: a 1963 experimental fire lookout tower design created for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Legal Disclaimer

Engineering and Architecture Ideas

Some of the concept sketches in this website are just that -- ways to generate ideas about how a modern lookout tower might be built. Although they look detailed, that can be an illusion created by how CAD software makes quick sketches look professional. So keep in mind that concept sketches are not construction documents or architectural designs. Before any construction takes place, a licensed architect or engineer should prepare and professionally stamp a detailed set of construction-quality plans. After all, an engineering failure in a lookout tower could be catastrophic.

With that legal disclaimer out of the way, this site's concept sketches have more validity than quick napkin doodles. For example, this site's concepts borrow heavily from tried-and-true forest service designs, such as the 1963 fire tower design shown nearby. Also, our concept sketches have been modified based on comments and suggestions from licensed architects and engineers. So we believe that with appropriate modifications and review, they can fairly quickly be converted into roughly equivalent drawings with an engineering seal of approval.